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TRIMO Development of E Technology of Assembly

EUREKA, ETECH - Development of technology of high-tech e-construction site, E!3902, 2006-2008.

The project focuses on the development of a robot-like control system for a commercially available hydraulic telescopic handler which is aimed to be part of a system for semi-automated assembly of montage buildings. The closed-loop controlled handler is designed to facilitate the placing and fixing the facade panels onto the building construction.

In the framework of the project the base handler hardware has been upgraded with two additional DOFs driven by hydraulic actuators. Altogether, six axes have been instrumented with the position sensors and the closed loop control system has been developed incorporating the direct and inverse kinematic model of the handler mechanism. The developed closed-loop controller enables control of the end-effector motion along a straight line in Cartesian coordinate system either in a programmed or in a joy-stick directed motion performance. For safety assurance, a controller supervising module has been developed operating in additon to the safety mechanisms originally implemented in the handler.

The evaluation of developed robotic system following the ISO 9283 standard shows the repeatability of positioning up to 4.5 mm, straight-line trajectory tracking error of 67 mm on 2.4 m long movement, and overshot at stop of 21 mm, all tested with telescope extension of 10 m and payload of 2 T.

In addition, partners on the project Trimo, TUG, Motoman Robotec developed the micromanipulator, vacuum grippers, drilling and fixation systems that are mounted on the top of robotic handler.

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