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Research Equipment ( co)funded by the Slovenian Research Agency.

Research Equipment

Equipment                              Collaborative industrial robot Yaskawa HC10                                    

Contact or responsible
                               Name and Surname: Marko Munih
                                                   Department: Robotics
                                                   Phone: +38614768219

Purpose of equipment and
additional information        

                                                   Collaborative robot HC10 is 6-axis robot with integratet joint torque sensor in all
                                                   axes and with a payload of 10 kg
. It is ideal co-worker with sensing technologies
                                                   that allow it to safely interact with humans.
It is used for applications such
                                                   as assembly, machine tending, material handling and packaging.

Access to equipment             Equipment is available for industrial and academic partners. Access time is
                                                   not defined in advance, is dependent on current availability, advance appointment
                                                   is required.

Price of equipment use
(EUR/hour)                               For shorter periods is equipment freely available, in other cases price is                                                                     96,49 eur/hour.


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