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Industrial robotics

Industrial robot ABB IRB 1600-7/145
  • industrial robot ABB IRB 1600-7/145 is large 6 degrees of freedom anthropomorphic robot
  • students use this robot for programming various examples of industrial applications, such as pick-and-place application, manipulation of objects, welding, adhesive application, spray painting
Industrial robot ABB IRB 14000, YuMi
  • industrial robot ABB IRB 14000, YuMi is a collaborative, 6 DOF dual arm, small parts assembly robot.
  • students use this robot for programming various examples of industrial algorithms for small parts assembling.
Industrial robot Epson E2S651
  • industrial robot E2S651 is 4 degrees of freedom SCARA robot
  • students learn to program pick-and-place application with robot vision
Industrial robot Epson PS3
  • industrial robot Epson PS3 is small sized 6 degrees of freedom anthropomorphic robot
  • robot is used in programming of pick-and-place application where a more versatile robot is needed for arbitrary orientation of the manipulated objects
Robots Motoman MH5
  • two 6 degrees of freedom anthropomorphic robots Motoman MH5 with industrial controller DX100
  • with original industrial controller DX100 students can learn to program synchronous work for collaboration of two robots in single industrial application
Robo-Japan 2018

Students excursion to Japan 2018

DIR 2018

The event DIR 2018 will take place at ULFE from 9. 4. - 13. 4. 2018