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Trimo Research Awards 2012

For the eleventh time Trimo has given research awards for the best diploma papers, master's dissertations and doctoral thesis.

Trimo International Research Awards competition is open to those scientific achievements that are in some way connected with Trimo activities. The goal of the competition is to strengthen cooperation between young ambitious researchers and their mentors and teachers, as well as academics, on the one hand; and Trimo, which can use their knowledge, on the other.

For the eleventh time Trimo has given research awards for the best Diploma papers, Master's dissertations and Doctoral thesis. 48 works among the 102 which applied for the competition from 15 European countries, were awarded. The awards were given to 24 Diploma papers, 14 Master's dissertations and 10 Doctoral theses from Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Croatia and Italy.

Laboratory of robotics has received two of the Trimo International Research Awards 2012. First award has received Sebastjan Šlajpah for the Diploma paper work CONTROL OF FOUR ROBOTS IN A BIMANUAL TELEOPERATION ARCHITECTURE, which has been developed under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Matjaž Mihelj. Second award has received Dr. Justin Činklej for the Doctoral thesis work ROBOTIC CONTROL OF A HYDRAULIC TELESCOPIC HANDLER, which has been developed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marko Munih.

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