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Japan 2018

Laboratory of Robotics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, is organising a professional excursion to Japan. The purpose of the excursion is to get familiar and learn about Japan's robotics as well as to build and strengthen our relationship with Japanese companies and educational institutions. During the excursion, we will visit the factories Yaskawa, Fanuc, Daihen, Mitsubishi Electric, Universities and Research institutes: University of Tokyo (Prof. Masayuki Inaba, Prof. Yasuo Kuniyoshi, prof. Yoshihiko Nakamura), Nagoya University (Prof. Fumihito Arai, Prof. Yasuhisa Hasegawa), ATR Institute, Osaka University (Asada Laboratory, Hosoda Laboratory) and University of Yamanashi (Hidetsugu Terada).


18 students (robotics, 3rd, 4th, 5th year)

Rie Kotary

Miran Skender

Marko Munih

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Things to visit

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University of Tokyo

Visiting Jouhou System Kougaku Laboratory (JSK)
JSK's research tackles topics including artificial intelligence, cognitive science, large-scale adaptation, life-form systems, and cybertechnology, to work towards making the functions and systems necessary for artificially-intelligent robots that can act within the space of human society.
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University of Yamanashi

Visiting the Department of Mechatronics.
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FANUC has consistently pursued the automation of factories since 1956, when it succeeded in the development of the SERVO mechanism for the first time in the Japanese private sector. FANUC contributes to the promotion of automation for customers, with the three pillars consisting of the FA Business Division, based on its basic technologies of NC and SERVO, the ROBOT Business Division and ROBOMACHINE Business Division which apply these basic technologies.
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At Arai Laboratory: Research and education on functional units for the future intelligent systems from micro and nano-scale. System integration based on MEMS and nanotechnology. The system design is based on physical and chemical phenomena in micro and nano domain and bio-mimetic approach. Our objective is to improve the QOL (Quality of Life) by the application of robotics and micro-nano technologies to biomedicine.
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Mitsubishi Electric

In cooperation with network of factories and overseas production bases, Mitsubishi mother factory in Nagoya, Japan, has developed systems and solutions, such as e-F@ctory, that are designed to optimize and strengthen manufacturing and production processes. This is demonstrated through the total "visualization" of the factory operations from ensuring the highest level of productivity and machine optimization to energy management applied throughout the total plant operation.
As the core factory of their FA business, Nagoya Works boasts an extensive line-up and network of FA products. Its global mission is to contribute to production throughout the world and become the No. 1 FA supplier to customers.
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ATR is a unique private company established in the Kansai region in March 1986, with the aim of promoting fundamental and innovative R&D activities as well as contributing to society in a wide range of telecommunication fields. Since its establishment, outstanding research outcomes have been steadily achieved in such fields as neuro-knowledge science, life-support robots and wireless communication, focusing on applications for healthcare and social support in preparation for the super-aging society.
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Since its founding in 1919, the Osaka Transformer Company (OTC) has focused on bringing the benefits of innovative technology to diverse customer applications. Today, OTC DAIHEN’s global activity centers on three business pillars: Power Products, Advanced Components, and Welding & Mechatronics.
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Osaka University

Since 1992, focusing the emergent robotics that seeks for the design principle of robot behaviors through the interaction between the robot and its environment. Taking the cognitive developmental robotics approach through which, trying to understand the development of increasingly complex cognitive processes in natural and artificial systems and how such processes emerge through physical/social interaction.
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YASKAWA Electric Corporation is the leading global manufacturer of inverter drives, servo drives, machine controller, medium voltage inverters, and MOTOMAN industrial robots. Founded in 1915, YASKAWA has been a pioneer in motion control and drive technology, launching product innovations, which optimise the productivity and efficiency of both machines and systems. In its 99 years of history, YASKAWA products and solutions have helped to drive automation processes in many different industries such as mining, steel, machine tools, automotive, packaging, woodworking, textiles and semiconductors.







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